Interested in becoming Catholic?

If you know someone interested in becoming Catholic, invite them to come to Mass with you, and then speak to them about joining our RCIA program. RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, which is the Catholic Church's process of welcoming new members into our faith. It actually stems from the early traditions of the Church where the apostles welcomed newcomers into their community of faith. 

We have a RCIA program for adults and one for teens. RCIA is for non-baptized teens/adults, teens/adults baptized in another Christian denomination but would like to become Catholic, and for teens/adults who were baptized Catholic but never received the other sacraments.

Four out of five individuals who investigate the Catholic faith do so because friends, relatives, or neighbors extend a personal invitation. So, spread the good news by inviting someone! Please have them call the Parish Office at 610-433-6102 to begin the process and get them registered for RCIA.