Solemnity of the Epiphany

This weekend is the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, when we celebrate the Divine manifestation of Christ with the visit of the Magi honoring him as King.

At St. Francis, we will have home blessing kits avaible to those who need them. The home blessing is a traditional practice for the feast of the Epiphany, when we, with blessed chalk, holy water, and the specific prayer for blessing, may bless our homes by chalking the door with the year and the initials C, M, & B. They are the initials of the traditional names of the three magi: Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. They also abbreviate the Latin words Christus mansionem benedicat, “May Christ bless the house.”

We hope you'll join us for Mass this weekend. Remember, we are still in the season of Christmas!