Redsicover Lent Presentation

In the season of Lent, the Church does much to prepare themselves for the joy of Easter. It is a beautiful season full of tradition that many forget about because of the "busyness" that has become our lives.

Join us on the Mondays preceding Ash Wednesday (February 25th and March 4th) for a 2 part session called Rediscover Lent: Understanding the Beauty of the Season. We will discuss the 3 important duties of Lent - fasting, prayer, and almsgiving - and their meanings and purpose in our lives as Catholics. Plus, we'll examine the special observances, the traditions, and the activities of the Church or just our parish for Lent. Each evening will begin at 7pm in our Church Hall. (We are accessible.)

We hope you can take part in this 2 part event which will prepare us for those holy weeks before Easter. For more information, contact the Parish Office at 610-433-6102.