**Important Video to view **and Important Parish Weekend Updates

**Updated June 1, 2020** 


 Please watch this important video that contains information you need to know

prior to attending Mass on Sunday June 7th at 10:30





St. Francis of Assisi Church will be open for Mass this coming Sunday June 7th at 10:30.  You will be required to wear a mask from the time you exit your vehicle on the Church Property until you return to your vehicle with the only exception being when you receive Holy Communion.  You will be provided with hand sanitizer when you enter Church, and you will be excorted to a seat in the church.  Remember to social Distance while in Church.  When Mass is completed, Msgr. Finelli or a Deacon will be distributing Holy Communion, at which time you can remove your mask when you are in front of Msgr. Finelli or the Deacon. Communion will be distributed in your hand and following consuming the host your are expcted to put your mask be on.  (If you only wish to receive communion by mouth, you will need to wait until everyone has received and you will be receiving at the end.)    You can return to your seat for quiet prayer or you may leave the church but you must keep your mask on while in church and until you are in your vehicle.  If you leave, please remember to do an Act of Thanksgiving.


 Welcome Back to Mass


Weekend Mass Time: Initially (beginning June 7, 2020) we will offer Mass every Sunday at 10:30 A.M.  The main entrance door will open at                                              10:00 A.M.  Only the main doors will be opened.  All other doors will be locked.


Weekday Mass Tme:  Initially (beginning June 9, 2020) we will offer Weekday Mass on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 A.M.  The only door to                                           enter for Mass will be the Church door closest to the Adoration Chapel.  No other doors will be open.  Weekday Mass will                                       not be celebrated in the Daily Mass Chapel, but in the Church.


Sacrament of Reconciliation:  Confessions will be heard in the parish library on Saturdays from 3:15 - 4:00 P.M.  No "face to face" confessions                                                     will be heard and masks must be worn.


Adoration Chapel:  At this time, because of social distancing, the Adoration Chapel will remain closed.


Bulletins:  Bulletins will be distributed as you leave by someone wearing gloves.


Choir Loft:  There will be no seating in the choir loft area as the entire loft will be closed.


Collection:  There will be no collection taken during Sunday Mass, however, we do ask all parishioners to place their collection offering (s) in                          the baskets provided as you depart from Church.


Congregating Outside:  Knowing that we haven't seen each other for over two months, congregating may seem to e nice.  If you wish to greet                                           your fellow parishioners please make sure you keep your mask on and keep at least (6) feet apart.


"Cry Room":  The "Cry Room" will be closed at this time.


Exchange of Peace:  At this time there will be no exchange of peace offered during Mass.


Holding Hands:  We ask that families refrain from holding hands during the Our Father or at any point during Mass.


Holy Communion:  Holy Communion will take place after Mass is concluded.  Please remain in your pew until directed by the greeter to come                                     forward.  We ask that you please consider receiving Holy Communion by the hand, however, if you wish to receive by the                                       tongue you are to remain until the end as Monsignor Finelli or one of the Deacons will have to sanitize their hands after                                         every person.  Please keep your mask on until you are immediately ready to receive, then lower your mask, consume the                                       host, and replace the mask.. You may depart at this point or return to the pew for your Act of Thanksgiving.  If you do depart                                 we do ask that at some point you make an Act of Thanksgiving as is customary.


Holy Water:  There will be no holy water in the fonts for personal use.


Hymnals:  You will notice that all hymnals have been removed from the pew.  If music is needed, it will be printed on paper, which will then be                     disposed of.


Offertory:  There will be no offertory procession at any Mass.


Seating:  You will not be able to choose your own seat.  Greeters will assist you to your seat.


Social Distancing:  Everyone is asked to please make sure you keep social distancing at all times, that is, at least six feet apart from each                                          other.


Sunday Mass Overflow:  If there is an overflow for Sunday Mass we will also be seating parishioners in our hall, keeping social distancing.                                                 Masks are to be worn at all times in the hall as well.


Use of Hand Sanitizer:  You are asked to use hand sanitizer, if possible, prior to coming out of your car upon arrival.   On Sunday's you will also                                         be given hand sanitizer to use before entering the main body of the Church.


Use of Masks:  Masks are to be worn from the time you get out of your car upon arrival until the time you return to your car when you depart,                               except for the reception of Holy Communion.  You must have your own mask.  Masks will not be provided at the Church.  If you                             do not have a mask you will not be permitted in the Church.  Anyone two (2) years of age or older are to wear a mask.


Please stay safe.  God Bless you and your families.