Volunteer information for Diocese Code of Conduct and Sex Abuse Policy

Thanks to all of you parish volunteers who participated in the updating of our acknowledgement of the Diocesean Code of Conduct and Sex Abuse Policy for Parish Employees and Volunteers.  We so very much appreciate your cooperation !!!  Every parish volunteer (EM, choir member, cantor, lector, adult altar server, Rosary leader, Breakfast worker, Committee member, etc) needs to update and sign these acknowledgement forms.

IF YOU VOLUNTEER AT THE PARISH and HAVE NOT YET SIGNED THESE FORMS - contact the Parish Office for paper copies or Camille Stockdale for email copies.

These forms need to be signed whether you work with the children of our parish or NOT.  This is for ALL volunteers!  We will have another update coming in Fall, 2020 and we would like to have this one completed before that next update!  Thank you again to everyone who completed this task already!


Camille Stockdale

Local Safe Environment Coordinator