Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

Now that the Easter season is   almost at a close another chapter opens up for the Pastoral Council. The original St. Francis of Assisi Parish Pastoral Council (Heidi Beck, Bertha Ocasio, Chris Wargo, Scott Wargo, and Diane Colom) are pleased to announce its new members who are invited to our June 9th PPC meeting.  

Your nominations resulted in over twenty parishioners saying yes to the  invitation of the Morning of Discernment. The morning began with information gathering  immediately followed by Mass. We then entered the church hall and began with a bit of information regarding what is a PPC and its missions. This was followed by  testimony from all current PPC members. Fr. Rich then had a chat with the candidates and sent them to spend some quiet time to discern whether they would move   forward being part of the election. The election was voted on by all present. This led to the election of three      members. Fr. Rich later appointed an additional two members, bringing the total new members to 5. All those elected and appointed participated in the Morning of   Discernment. 

The new members are in alpha order: Tyler Bauer, Julissa Burgos, Marina LoBaido, Pete McFadden, Mary Perez, and the new PPC secretary, Helen Moyer. 

As chair of the PPC, I am ever so grateful for all those who attended The Morning of Discernment and wholeheartedly recognize your dedication to your faith and our blessed parish of St. Francis of Assisi. We all thank you for your willingness to serve the Lord in fellowship with others!

                                                    Diane R. Colom