Amelia Gamble

Director of Music & Liturgical Coordinator

Amelia is the Director of Music and Liturgical Coordinator. She also holds other small positions at the parish, such as the Parish’s SAFE Environment Coordinator. She and her husband, John, also run the Tableau and Living Stations presentations that occur during Advent/Christmas and Lent, respectively. A faithful parishioner since Fall of 1989, when she and her family moved from the East Side of Allentown, she has truly grown into her parish and so has her family. It has, without a doubt, become her home away from home. All the sacraments she has received in her life, except for Baptism, have been at St. Francis. She and her husband were married at the Parish in 2010 and they have two boys – David and William, who were both baptized at the parish.

Amelia’s music career truly began at St. Francis, when she began singing in school’s Children’s Choir in the fall of 1993. She began as a cantor at the end of the 1995-96 school year, starting at school Masses and then moving onto the weekend Masses. She has not stopped singing at the parish, in one form another (in a choir or as a cantor) since 1993. She graduated from St. Francis School in June 1999. In her 9 years at the school (K-8), she was also active in sports – playing anything she could to stay busy. Her busy schedule continued through high school and college, including music, sports, Girl Scouts, working part time, and so on. She graduated from Parkland High School in 2003 and is a 2007 graduate of Gettysburg College, from where she obtained a degree in English with a minor in History. She is a soprano by trade and plays many different instruments, including saxophone and flute. In her many years of participating in bands and choirs, she was fortunate enough to perform in large venues, such as at Epcot in the Candlelight Procession and in Toronto, singing the national anthem with her choir mates at a Toronto Blue Jays game, where she positively learned about performing and the importance of presence. She began her employment as a parish staff member in September of 2009 and has slowly grown to where she is now within the staff. Recently, her choirs had the opportunity to perform at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem for a Diocesan event and they have been asked to sing the National Anthem at an Iron Pigs game. Outside of the music and other ancillary titles she’s gained long the way, she also serves within all the liturgical ministries as needed for Masses and services.

Amelia is very proud of her choirs, “her kids” that she’s helped and guided through the years, and of her parish – she continues to strive for the betterment of St. Francis, glorifying God in her own way. She’s always learning and hopes to continue doing what she does for as long as time allows. She’s found her niche and you can often find her at the parish singing, teaching, assisting, scheduling, planning, and refining.