Parish Activities

CATHEDRAL OF ST. CATHARINE OF SENA Mrs. Donna Sciacca 610-432-7655
EVANGELIZATION COMMITTEE Paula Rollins 484-241-1986  
“FEED YOUR FAITH” GIFT CARD PROGRAM Stephanie Epler 610-433-6102
LITURGICALS MINISTERS SCHEDULE Donna Gerancher 610-433-6102 ext 15
MEN OF ST. FRANCIS Bob Webre 484-225-0984  
OCIA Helen Moyer 610-439-0922  
OUTREACH COMMITTEE Michelle Evans 610-737-9469
PARISH LIFE COORDINATOR Donna Gerancher 610-433-6102 ext 15
PARISH NURSES Barbara Puzzella, RN 610-433-6102  
PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL Diane Colom 610-751-6079
PARISH SECRETARY Stephanie Epler 610-433-6102 ext 10
RESPECT LIFE COMMITTEE Karin Wahlstrom 610-351-0835  
SANCTUARY MEMORIAL FUND Anne Palmisano 610-433-6102  
SENIOR CITIZENS GROUP Madeline Klotz 610-395-7386  
ST. JOHN VIANNEY REGIONAL SCHOOL Beth Serrano - Principal 610-435-8981  
TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE Reverend Richard C. Brensinger, M. Div
WELCOMING COMMITTEE Theresa Racek 610-428-0708  
WOMEN, WALKING IN FAITH Michelle Evans 610-737-9469