Parish Religious Education Program

P.R.E.P.  (Parish Religious Education Program)




PREP was already closed on April 5th for Palm Sunday and then April 12th for Easter Sunday.

At this point we are taking it one week at a time and as of now we will not meet again until April 19th, and that

is still questionable. 


First Holy Communion News:

As of this time - it does NOT look good that First Communion will be held on April 26th.

We will not know a date until Masses are being said publicly again.  Msgr. Finelli and Mrs. Camille Stockdale

will make a decision ASAP after that so that you can plan accordingly.  We want everyone safe, we want 

everyone prepared and we want it to be as special as possible for these beautiful children.


In the meantime:

Ms. Unger will be sending work for the 2nd graders to work on.  I will be sending work for the older children 

to complete.  Please insure you do so - it's important for their growth and preparedness for the Sacrament.


Coronavirus may have changed our First Communion date - but it will NOT change the beauty, the love and

the happiness that comes with receipt of Jesus for the very first time.


If you have questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs. Unger.  You are in our prayers!!!!

Mrs. Camille Stockdale

P.S.  Use this special time to work on your beautiful First Communion banners!



 All PREP Students:

 Your teacher will send you work to complete with your child so that no matter what happens, we can successfully

conclude the work for your age/grade curriculum for the 2019/2020 PREP year.  We may have to be on the honor

system, so please complete any work your child's teacher sends to you whether you are asked to show proof or not.


If you have not received work from your teacher, it could be because he/she is unable to send any work to you due

to the life circumstances.  Not to worry - they are in touch with me and I will send you work if need be.


Take care - be safe - stay home - be well.


In addition, know that you are in our daily prayers.  

Masses are said online daily; there are ways to say the Rosary with social distancing; there are many Stations of

the Cross online.  If you need information to stay connected spiritually - do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Msgr. Finelli, our parish Deacons, your teachers or Church friends.


Ms. Jenn is available to all of our parish teens if they are struggling in anyway - esp our parish seniors.  She is

just a phone call or text away.


Lastly - Pope Francis has asked us all to pray together on March 25th - the Our Father.  Prayer is so powerful

and community prayer even more so.  I hope you are able to participate.


Be Not Afraid.  God Bless You and Keep You.


Mrs. Camille Stockdale - DRE